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All good

I was speaking to Mam earlier. The folks were up with Maurice yesterday. Maurice was out of the bed and moving around so mam was delighed with his progress. The Royster and Messiers Eddie and Eugene Brett were two callers that I know about, there were more than likely others, thanks fellas. No reports today as of yet, other than its an overcast day here in Waterford 🙁

Recovering nicely

I made it up to see him today, and he is in fine form, starting to get bored (a good sign) I think. His room has a smashing view of Dublin Bay, though he thinks the view and the bed are soon to be in the past as he will, most likely, be moving to a more general ward, shortly. He looked far healthier to me compared to the last time I saw him, so it is a general thumbs up from here 🙂


Tubes N’Stuff

They’re quire happy with him in St. Vincents. Various drips/tubes are scheduled for removal today, so he will be a good bit more mobile over the next few days. It seems that he will be staying put until they get another scan done (most likely early next week), then they will decide where his next port of call is. All in all, he is on the recovery road.

St. Vincents Update.

Apparently the trip to Dublin was a bit long, as the ambulance had to pit-stop in Cashel for a replacement Morphine pump. One can imagine the cursing from the back of the Ambulance.

The news from St. Vincents is that he was moved up purely for observation (his liver). Maurice isn’t complaining though, as he now has a bed that is controlled by loads of buttons, which is apparently worthy of being called a hospital bed. He is looking far better than he did at the start of the week.

Dublin Bound

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) Maurice was moved to St Vincents in Dublin. Apparently, the doctors in Dublin don’t believe the reports that they are getting from the doctors in Cork, about how well he is recovering, and want to see him for themselves. Anyways, Pamela should get in to see him later on today and we will find out what his spin to Dublin was like.