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She’s back.

Annie has returned to these shores for the summer, no doubt she will be up to all sorts of mischief as soon as time and funds allow. She was looking fine and well this evening when I dropped in for a cup of tea.

Mr Burke

There is a vicious rumour circulating that Mr S. Burke is in the country again (he isn’t travelling with Mr Bush). You all know his co-ordinates.

Caroline is still wandering about all over the place, “Hanging out in Lima airport waiting to catch a flight to Cusco. We’ve just flown south from Tumbes this Morning, it was a bit like being on a flying bus, we even stopped off half way down to pick up a few passengers( decided to treat ourselves to a few flights as we would have been facing into a 40 hour bus journey to Cusco) can you imagine how restless I would have been, the girls would have needed some horse tranquilisers to keep me seated. Grainne has already offered to pay me to do a sponsored silence”

Ah yes, the Caroline we all know and love…