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Following on ……

Hello – me again! I took my phone with me this time and so I have some results – again as they are from the camera phone I am not sure how good they will be and whether or not you can click on them to get a bigger version. Anyway another glorious sunny day with not a cloud in the sky (not good for the snow forecast) and the sun was actually hot today because there was not a breath of wind. Snow forecast for tomorrow so here is hoping. Also the little town of Cervinia is opening tomorrow and so it will be possible (and I think I will do it too) to ski to Italy for lunch and then to ski back to Switzerland for tea! I will try and not kill myself in the process and will report with any photos of merit. Any news – travel plans from anyone? The China Checkup – The Dubai Download – The Bermuda Bulletin – The London Leaders – The Sydney Sumup?resting-at-2932m.jpgon-the-top-of-the-hill.jpgme-at-3900-m.jpgfrom-the-village.jpgmatterhorn.jpg

The Top

This is the view from near the top 2939 m – I will take some more pictures tomorrow – working of a camera phone which is not ideal but I do promise to launch myself into the digital age in the New Year and make soem serious contributions to the site. So there is no need to consider getting rid of the page quite yet John
As you can see there is not much snow in the valley

The sunny mountains

Hello all and greetings from the sunny mountains of Switzerland. Very sunny but not a whole lot of snow – at least there is no snow other than on the glacier which is odd for this time of the year. The soothsayers are out and apparently it is all dependent on the moon – and the 8th of December is the day for the big snowfall. In the interim there was a dusting last night which has made the conditions most agreeable. It was shockingly windy on Tuesday and all cats could have been skinned. None around so all felines were spared in the making of this posting. The cable car passes up and down by this little hill each day – quite a beautiful way to go to work I think.