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Dubai Download

Did someone look for the Dubai download?? I’m afraid its still the Dublin download for the moment, I wont be out in the warm sunshine until february. In kepeing with the tradition of putting photos onto the website.. here are a few from my last trip to dubai in November.




 Wild Wadi!A night at the racesCamel Ride! The Jumeriah BeachThe Burj!!

Dubai Again!

Hey All,

Im just about to head back to Ireland after a very brief stay in Dubai. I arrived on Thursday night and I’m heading back to Dublin tonight, just after midnight.

Thursday night I got in at 10pm, so we just came back to the apartment, quickly got changed and headed out for some dinner in Carters in Wafi City.

Friday was spent lounging around in Jebel Ali beach club/resort/HEAVEN! We arrived around midday, (we really tried to get there for the hottest time of the day).. we found some beach loungers, dropped our stuff and went in search of any one of the 3 pools that serviced the area. I was finding the humidity very tough so a dip in the pool was a necessity.

With the heat at 43 degrees we decided to get umbrellas and sit in the shade for a while. With a little breeze in the air, we were able to sit and read in comfort.

The day was not to be complete without dipping my toes into the Persian Gulf. The water was warm and the sand underneath my toes could only be described as being as soft as a new carpet. It was amazing how the ground felt. I also discovered (when a wave went over my head) that the water was extremely salty.. and with that we departed the sea.

As part of our entrance fee we got a lunch in the resort so we ate in the early afternoon. This lunch comprised of a buffet and/or barbeque. As stuffed as christmas turkeys we wandered back to the loungers to sleep off lunch! Before we left the beach club we had a drink at the bar, which was nicely placed in one of the pools. Id never had a drink while sitting in a pool before, and its definalely something I could get used to!

After such a relaxing day we went for dinner at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel. This hotel has several restaurants and we ate in the Villa Beach Restaurant. We had a birds eye view of the Burj Al Arab from where we were dining. After dinner I went for a (very) quick walk on the beach. The humidity was so high, the clothes were stuck to us after a few minutes outside.

That brings me to today, we have pretty much lazed about for the day, but we are heading off to see the Dubs play Westmeath in the Irish Village very shortly!

Alas, I’ll be heading from there to the airport:-( and my short stay here will be over.

Champagne and All you can eat!

We went to see the apartment on friday morning. Its a fantastic place, with a (current) view of the Emirates Towers. Unfortunately, there is an open space outside the windows where building started friday morning.

After seeing the apartment we went back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for the Friday Lunch I’d heard about. I had been warned not to eat anything that morning, so I was armed with a mere yoghurt and banana before heading off.

We went to a Hotel near the airport for lunch and when I entered I was offered a glass of Champagne. This was all I drank for the lunch. It had already started off very well:-) I had every kind of fish available to start, followed by a chicken korma (all of which were part of the buffet). Then we ordered steak and chips from the main mene. As if that wasnt enough they brought out their chocolate souffles just out of the oven.. I just had to have another one! (and a slice of chocolate cake!). I was glad of the loose trousers and shirt at this atage.

We then went to watch the first world cup game between Germany and Costa Rica.. in arabic! After a few more drinks and a bit of karaoke we headed home, full to the brim of food and drink.

Saturday we just chilled out up by the pool, went off and watched the england game and packed up to head to the airport for 10pm.

The flight home was fairly eventless, I slept most of the way home and it was great to see Leo in the airport to bring me home. I went to bed for a few hours and got up around lunch time.

That spells the end of this trip to Dubai. There will be many more:-)

Dubai part 2

Hi all,

I think I forgot to tell you what we got up to on tuesday night. We went to the Emirates Towers and started the night by having a drink in the “Vu” Bar, which is up on the 51st floor. The lift took a whole 10 seconds to get there.. a bit scary, my ears were popping like you wouldnt believe!

The view from up there is amazing, what I had thought were tall buildings looking up at them were tiny things looking at them from 51 floors up! We then ate some of the juiciest steaks in Scarletts bar. One thing to note is Tuesday nights is Ladies night in Dubai, so free drinks (for me) were flowing!

After dinner we went to Jimmy Rixs bar where (more) free drinks were drank, and there was a great rugby match on the tv there so we watched that for the night. The entertainment led alot to be desired. A new band over from Canada were playing and, while they were able to sing, their choices of songs were pretty poor.

Thursday was a quiet day, Paul went into work and I lazed around up by the pool for the day. Relaxation was the key word for the day, and this eas very much enjoyable. A nice trip to the Mall of the Emirates was to follow that evening. This shopping centre is like nothing ive ever seen before. Its fair to say that you could not get to see everything within one day. The place is just too big! What we did see was the Ski Slope in the middle of the centre. Its mad to see people throwing snowballs, skiing and tobaganing in a shopping centre! Thats on the cards for my next trip.

We went to the cinema that night to see “The Da Vinci Code”. We went to the normal cinema. If we had gone “Gold Class” we would have had lazy boy chairs to lie back in while taking in the movie! Thats another item for my list of things to do next time im out there.


Hiya All,

After the party for Mams birthday thursday I packed my bags and headed over to Dubai for the week to see what Pauls actually doing! I arrived here aorund 10pm (we are 3 hours ahead over here) local time and came straight to the hotel and had some grub, a drink and went to bed. I was fairly wrecked after the 7 hour journey over. The inflight movie was nothing to write home about.

Paul got up and went to work sunday so I lazed about, went up to the roof and sunbathed for a while. The sun only hits the roof until about 3pm so I was glad to get back down to the room. The temperature out here has been approx 40 degrees the whole week, and the hunidity is like nothing ive ever experienced before! Sunday night we went to the marina and had dinner on a Dhow, a traditional dubai boat. Had a lovely seafood platter and some champagne! Nice start to the holiday:-)

Monday was a similar day, sunbathing, swimming.. snooze in the middle of the day! We went to eat in the Madinat Jumeriah which is a big complex of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. This is where we met Pauls boss and his wife. Its a fantastic place with a great view of the Burj Al Arab. There is a hotel as part of the complex, where the only way to get to your room was by boat! Not bad!

Paul had wednesday off so we went to Wild Wadi, the waterpark, which was great craic! They had a good few slides etc.. going in June is actually not a great idea because the ground is so hot you’d nearly burn your feet walking from slide to slide!

After that experience we went on a desert safari wednesday afternoon. We got collected, in a big jeep, at the hotel at 4pm.. picked up another couple and headed off into the desert. We did whats called dune bashing.. driving up and down dunes in the middle of the desert! I’m not sure if we were lucky or unlucky to have another jeep infront of us.. each time we were going over the dunes we could see the jeep in front of us disappear side ways and other ways down the other side.. i think i would have preferred not seeing them at all! Paul and I were tough, we didnt feel sick at all! The jeep in front had to stop twice with sick people:-)

After the dune bashing they drove us into a camp that they have in the middle of the desert. Paul and I were the first ones on those camels, and got a great picture! We went into the camp, and they put on a belly dancer for us, we got some grub and had a nice sit down for a while. We tried on the native dress (and have the pictures to prove it!). We got back to the hotel for around 10pm, and we were both absolutely wrecked from the day.