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I honestly think I’ve got a bullseye drawn somewhere on my car. I’ve been involved in 2 crashes in 2 weeks! How unlucky is that?

The first one happened in kilkenny on friday the 12th of November, little bit of damage done to car, but thats a story I’m saving for the festive feast on dec 22nd!
And last night, friday the 26th, another accident. will hopefully get a picture of my car up on the website to give you an idea of how my poor car has suffered! The bumper of my car is in our hallway in the house in dublin!

Been playing hockey alot these days, I’m playing for Glenanne Hockey Club in Tallaght ( We are into the second round of the Irish Junior Cup, we beat Kilkenny 5-1 in the first round. Got matches every weekend, am kept pretty busy!

As for the christmas feast, I’ll look into getting a copy of the menu this weekend (i’m getting a lift home for some TLC from mammy and daddy), and I’ll put it on the website.

Dinner is at 8.30pm in the Clonmel Arms, but everyone is expected in Chez Ronan at 8pm for a pre dinner toast:-)

Calling Noah and his Ark!

For everyone out in foreign pastures (even you john) clonmel was hit by the worst floods (ever) last week. Naturally I missed the floods but because I was in Spain. For anyone that knows Clonmel you will understand me when I say it was bad!

All the bridges in clonmel were closed at one stage. On friday Maurice and Daddy were lucky to get to work and they had to go down the lane beside our house down to the Ferryhouse bridge because that was the only place to cross the river. Clonmel town was closed off on thursday, cops were advising people not to travel there!

When I got home saturday afternoon the top of the railing that runs along the quay was barely visible! The town only got back to normal on sunday.

With that I just want to wish our very own Caroline Traenor the best of luck on sunday. She is flying the flag for the Ronan clan in the New York Marathon! Rather her than me:-)

Spain Uncovered!

Have just returned from my little holiday in spain. The weather wasn’t as fantastic as I would have liked, but the local publican was very friendly!

Had a ball out there and but was actually looking forward to coming home. The ease at which sessions end at 7am over there was pretty cool but exhausting!Naturally, when I realised that I was going to miss the big storm that hit Irelands shores this week I went to the pub to celebrate:-) I laugh at everyone who wished it was going to rain in spain! It came back and bit them in the ass:-)

Just before we got our holidays my time at the school was extended to Christmas, at least its something! I won’t be destitute till next year now!

The Feast

The cousins christmas dinner has been organised for Clonmel on the 22nd of December.

The Venue is the Clonmel Arms Hotel, sitting for 8.30pm.

The reason for the change of venue it to make the decision of accommodation much easier. There is loads of room in Chez Ronans courtesy of Mammy and Daddy Ronan, so everyone can stay there!

Let me know if that suits everyone….