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Wedding Photos

I’ve been asked several times now, yes the photos are still online here. I’m trying to both study for exams and lecture, while working at the moment, so it will be most likely Christmas before I get any more of them up. Thats what I get for trying to to too much at once 🙁

First blogs

Right, Frances, my sister, now and again sends everyone a fairly lengthy email describing her exploits. A blog maybe a more suitable outlet for her writings. She is living here and her new blog is here. My own blog is here. The experiment begins!


This is the Ronans place on the net. I don’t see my siblings and cousins half often enough. So, as an experiment, I set up this site in order to see if ‘blogging’ would be of any use for a large extended family to keep in contact. It remains to be seen if any of us have anything useful to say.