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Marcus Claude Barrett

As you probably have all heard by now (hopefully), Marcus Claude Barrett was born at 01.15 AM on September the 28th to Fiona and Tristan.  Birth weight was 3.64kg (a little over 8lbs), 52 cm long and a head circumference of 36.5cm.

Both mum and bub are doing well and made it home today.

A big chunk of photo’s are available via Tris’ face book profile although he has also posted them here.

Glorious married life


Thankyou to everyone who sent thier love/best wishes on Dec 30th. As you have probably heard it was an amazing day, with no majour hicups, just a lot of laughs. Did I mention it was hot. I definltey chose one of the hottest summers in Sydney to get married. Its was an magnificant day that seems like a dream.

Its been 4 days and I feel no different as a Mrs. We leave for the honeymoon this Thursday. I have a few pictures up, on a basic webpage. As we get more photos and time we will add to it. When I recieve the offical photos i will add a link to them. At the moment i suggest checking the webpage every few days. So to ohh and ahhh for the moment