Skiing in the desert & Emirates Palace!

After I got back to Dubai a few weeks ago I was bedridden with a bad cold, but we did manage to get away to Abu Dhabi for the weekend. We stayed at the Sheraton, which was amazing. We enjoyed it more than Fujairah. We had some fun getting to the hotel for starters. When we rang ofr directions we were told its opposite Emirates Palace ( which is an amazing hotel in Abu Dhabi. So after driving around for ages we rolled down the window & asked a taxi driver. Its then that we discovered that the hotel was at the opposite end of the promenade to Emirates Palace not opposite the place!!!

Anyways, the first night was a dry night in the UAE so we had grub & retired to our room. The friday was spent sleeping in the shade, only moving for a bit of watersports, food & I got a massage in the evening. Heaven. Back in Dubai for the dubs game & the start to the premiership which brought us back to reality!

In the last few weeks myself & Paul have completed our discovery & beginner Ski lesson in Mall of the Emirates. So much fun & we’re booked in for Level 1 on Sept 3rd.. cant wait.. Paul still laughs at the sight of me skiing down the hill backwards with a bewildered look on my face! I’m hoping he falls on his backside in 2 weeks..