London Baby!

London was amazing! I had a plan all set out before I got there to maximise my time there, as it was short, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening/night. I arrived mid afternoon, checked into the hotel & hopped onto a train into the city centre. I seemed like a pro on getting trains at that stage as I’d done the exact same journey a month ago:) (at least I thought so!)

I arrived at Charing Cross & heading straight for Trafalgar Square & Nelsons Column as this was where the “Love London” tour started! I trecked into St James’s Park & after what seemed to be a never ending long walk up to the top, I reached Buckingham Palace. When I looked back down the road I sensed the familiarity of seeing that road on TV. Anyways, Queen Victoria monument and Buckingham Palace were a real treat and while I was there we saw the changing of the guards! The flag was flying full mast so the Queen was about.

I walked down the other side of the park & with a little detour, I was infront of Downing Street. I was looking out for Tony Blair, until I remembered he didn’t live there anymore:( After copious amounts of pictures, I headed off to cross the road to get a closer look at Big Ben, The House of Parliament & Westminster Abbey ( Surprise, surprise, I took loads more pictures! I headed across the bridge & was on my way to the London Eye ( I had booked it a few days before so I was guaranteed a spin that night. I hopped on (rather nervously) and proceeded to very slowly move.. I must say, I didn’t notice the movement until I got to the top & could only see dots of people on the ground! I was, however, able to pick out all the places I’d just done on the “Love London” tour so I was rather chuffed with myself:)

After the London Eye, I hopped on a train to meet Michelle at Tower Bridge ( As I got off the train as London Bridge, I was very confused and no matter how many times I went to walk towards Tower Bridge, I kept getting back to where I started. On my 4th attempt, and asking for directions, I finally made it to a work night out of Michelles where I met her work crew and got introduced on several occasions as “Pamela from Ireland”!

I made it back to the hotel for about 1am, hopped into bed and was ready for flying to Dubai the next morning. Naturally enough I picked up a pretty nasty cold on the way back and am only just about right again now.