Guernsey Week2&3

Guernsey: Week 2 & 3

Week 2 was much quieter, I went out for dinner with some workmates on the Monday night, had a few beers & was home in bed by 11! I got the use of a bike that day so I decided to check out the island with a set of wheels! That weekend I rose early again on Saturday morning and went to the marina to do a rib voyage ( – this consisted of getting on a small boat and being taken around the south of the island. It lasted about an hour & it was well worth doing!

Last week was definitely more adventurous.. the beginning of the week was rather quiet as I knew the end of the week was going to be rather hectic. Mam arrived on Wednesday evening, so I got her back to the apartment before 9pm, so we still had daylight to go for a walk down to the CastleCornet by the sea. While I was in work Thursday, mam took a double decker bus trip around the island for the afternoon. It did the usual touristy things, stopping at beaches along the way! Friday night was spent on a night out with Louvre, mam was made an honoury member for the nightJ

Jersey (– we arose at 07.30 to catch the ferry to Jersey on Saturday. Well worth going! Had a look around the shops, did some lunch.. we decided when we got there that we’d do a bus tour of the island.. so that took us around the whole island for about 4 and a half hours. We got to hear quite alot about the islands history. Its still amazes me how close it is to France. We could see it quite clearly in the distance!

Sark (– Sunday we got a lie in – we arose at 08.00 to catch the ferry to Sark. A remote island where no cars travel. We were greeted by what can only be described as a tractor pulling a trailer with seats and a roof! When we reached the “town centre!” we decided to just start walking in one direction, and for the next 2 hours we walked to one end of the islands and along the coast.

After stopping for lunch we headed for “Le Coupe” and “Little Sark” which had some fantastic views! We trotted back to get the ferry and we arrived in plenty of time. We were sitting having a chat when an ambulance pulled up. Now, an ambulance meant a tractor pulling a caravan on the back with the words “ambulance” painted on the side! Our ferry was due to depart at 5pm so we went down to the harbour and our boat was there (or so we thought!), so when people started boarding, we jumped on too. At 4.45 the boat pulled away from the harbour (our boat wasn’t due to leave til 5!) so for a brief period we knew the boat was going somewhere, we just didn’t know where! We arrived back in Guernsey anyway (relieved!).

Monday we had dinner in a pub called the “Claddagh” and naturally enough, it was trying too hard to be the “traditional” irish pub. So much so that when we ordered fish & chips it came out wrapped in a newpaper, resting in a basket! The newspaper was an Irish Independant!

Mam went home yesterday (Tuesday 24th) after quite a “walking” holiday!