Guernsey: Week 1


After a stop over in London last Sunday night (July 1st), where I met up with Michelle & Richard for midnight Chinese, I hopped on a (very) small plane to get to the island of Guernsey. I had no idea what to expect and the clouds were so low and miserable, I hadn’t seen much by the time I arrived on the ground.

The apartment Im staying in is lovely. ( Its basically a 2 bedroom house, with a balcony and a swimming pool out the back. I’ve settled in quite well there, and its less than a 10 minute walk to work in the morning so I’m definitely not complaining! Work is going well, great to be back after my 5 month holidayJ

The island itself is lovely. It reminds me of Tramore, except Guernsey has much steeper hills and they last for longer! Yes, this place was built on a hill.. and i live at the top of it, so if I want to go into the town I am faced with an uphill battle! During the week I walked around the town itself, taking different routes each time so now I know my way down to St. Peter Port going a few different ways, and to the main food shops! Walking is the main mode of transport hereL

This weekend I decided to start my “tourist” buzz and went down to St. Peter Port to hop on a bus! The first bus took me towards the “Little Chapel” which is such a tiny chapel…( The Ronan clan definitely wouldn’t all fit in there! After that, instead of waiting for a bus I decided to walk to the next stop which was a German Occupied Museum ( I stopped and had my lunch near a beach called the Petit Bot, and then walked onto a German underground hospital which housed german soldiers during WW2! (
Very eerie..I was glad of the noise of a school tour because the dead silence would have scared the beejaysus out of me! When I got back to the bus terminal it was getting late, so I just hopped on a bus that went the whole way around the island, which took 90 minutes at about 20 mph the whole way!
Saturday night one of the girls in the office invited me out for food & drinks so a drink first, then we had curry chips and a burger on the beach watching the sunset on cobo bay!!

Sunday, I decided to get a boat to Herm Island.
It was fantastic there. A walk around the island took 90 minutes and when I was done, I sat down on a rock, red my book & chilled out in the sunshine! It was so relaxing!


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  1. Tristan and I have arrived home after 5 weeks of travel last Friday.

    After Stuggart, we spent a couple of days in Berlin, then flew to London and on to Guernsey in a AT&, which sounds like the same small plane Pamela was also in. We mainly visited a friend of mine from London, but also spent some time being tourists.

    We then flew back to London and up to Edinburgh (the morning they reopened Glasgow airport post terror attack) where we spent a night in Edinburgh before joining a bus tour by a group called Haggis. (I highly recommend them) We spent 6 days mostly in the highlands of Scotland, tracking through rain and mud up and down glens and mountains and having barrels of fun with a fantastic group of people.

    We then spent another night in Edinburgh before flying to Dublin where we hired a car. We spent the first night at a fantastic 60th birthday party for my dad at Alice and Des’s (thank you very much). We then drove up the west coast to the Connemara, then up to Donegal and to the Giant’s causeway where we spent 2 nights. We then drove back via Belfast and back to Dublin where we then flew to Stockholm to meet up with Tristan’s sister and her boyfriend. We spent 4 days there site seeing and relaxing before flying to London for a show (Les Miserables), where we stayed in a 4 star hotel. A big difference after hostels. We then did a little shopping in London before flying back to Australia that night.

    We were met by the honeymoon couple (Mike and Tanya)who beat us home. Unfortunately our welcome home was short lived when we found that our apartment has had no electricity for 3-4 weeks. All the food had long gone off stinking up the whole house. 4 days later we are still trying to remove the smell from the fridge/freezer. Our family is again whole with the return of the two cats from their holiday at my dad’s work.

    Jet lag has been quite forgiving and have spent the last couple of days trawling through photos. I am slowly posting them on face book. So have a look. Tomorrow work starts again, and the holiday is complete.


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