Just an update, not much really!

dsc00019.JPGdsc00029.JPGIts been an interesting couple weeks since we got back from Ireland. The first weekend here we decided to take it easy. Friday morning we went quad biking in the desert, it was so much fun! A bit too hot in the midday sun so the sweat was rolling off me, but will definately go back and do it again!

After having a quiet weekend when we arrived back, our visitors arrived on Friday. Mark Lambe & Mark Russell ventured into unknown territory when they arrived in Dubai.

Friday is the day for champagne brunches etc and they boys headed off to Double Decker for a few beverages. I met them up at 360 bar, its a bar thats out in the ocean with a birdseye view of te Burj al Arab! I went on to the Dubai Rose of Tralee ball in the Dusit Dubai on friday night. I was lucky that Claire (a girl that works with Paul) decided to come with me cause I knew no one there. But we got to see how the heats are held and stuff. And its the closest ive ever gotten to the Rose of Tralee.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with the FA cup, have a few beverages and stuff with the lads.. and then the Champions League Final.

Pauls off to Thailand golfing for the week so I’m thinking of doing a bit of skiiing during the week to catch up with the few lessons Paul had during the year!