The Tennis!

Went to hockey last tuesday night.. while it was really fun, I was wrecked after it. Great for the fitness, so I’m definately going to keep going once a week. To add to the exercise there is a gym near where paul works (he’s a member) so we’re heading there tonight. Wow, what excitement eh!

So, last week, on wednesday we went to the tennis. We watched Justine Henin play her match & caught the start of Martina Hingis playing. Martina didnt get onto the court till around 11pm so by then we were wrecked & wanted to go home. The tennis was great to watch, Justine Henin was playing against a 16 yr old with loads of bottle so they made it a really good game to watch! I’m going to try and add some pics to this of the place, players etc!

After an extremely lazy day friday, we got up saturday afternoon and went to play pitch & putt.. had so much fun at it.. and im definately going to go again.. im gona try and make it a weekly event:) To add to the excitement I decided to drive home from there, and while I was quite comfortable in the driving seat, paul was a very nervous passenger!!

Unfortunately, because i was driving now, we had to toss a coin to see who drove to matts house to watch the rugby.. I lost the toss so I was the designated driver.. i should have waited till sunday to drive! So that brings me into another week of job hunting and stuff. Not much activity from the agencies yet, I went into meet one guy last thursday but im waiting to hear anything back from the rest of them! Its a waiting game now!

Hope your all well,