The Holiday is over!!

Im here over a week now, and its time to go job hunting im afraid! I’m gona ring a few recruitment agencies in about an hour to have a chat & see if they can get a a job to keep me off the streets!


Its been a quiet week so far, really just lazed about and did as little as possible! This week tho is going to be a bit busy! We have a BBQ on tonight.. tomorrow night we’re going shopping in the Mall of the Emirates.. Tuesday night Pauls going to play a round of gold, so i gona get some exercise myself and go to the hockey night..

 Wednesday night we’re going to see the Dubai Tennis Championship… Im not sure who’s gona be here, but I know sharipova & serena williams have cried off with inuries.. and then we’re at thursday which is the weekend over here..

 Somewhere in the middle I’ll hope to have been to see these recruitment agencies to see about getting me one of those job things!

 Hope your all well,