Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys (and gals). Surely someone of you is doing something interesting that the rest of us should know about?

Both Dee and I have been sick the last week, some sort of tummy bug. Dee had it worse than I (picture voilent retching every hour for a night). I was lucky, I just wasn’t able to eat for 48 hours. I’m really only returning to form today.

I trust everyone survived the New Years shindig and was suitably depressed on returning to work. Lucky for me (depending on your point of view), I am currently spending my time construction a wireless access point (like you can buy in the shops) with the additional feature of (which you can’t buy in the shops) Intrusion Detection (is there someone trying to break in?) and possibly even response (some fscking plonker is trying to break in.. lets see if we can crash his computer). All good clean fun 🙂