Sydney Summer

Greetings from the heat – Summer has finally arrived and boy is it HOT. We had a scorcher yesterday – it was such that my golfing buddy (a native) decided tp “rain check”. It will be a cooler 30 or so today and then tomorrow we are expecting 42 in the city.

As to Christmas, well I am looking forward to this but am curious as to when the Clonmel Arms came into the picture. I thought that we were going to investigate a new restaurant in the locality. I am sure that all explainations will be given.

Car incidents – Hummm, I suppose there were no squwalking individuals in the back that you could impart some of the blame to. Just a run of bad luck it would seem. No doubt Maurice is giving his tuppence ha’pennys worth of witty remarks on the subject!

Helen has headed north and is in England at the moment. Then she goes to Scotland and France before Ireland for Christmas. She will be in touch by text I am sure – her number is +61.417.064.224. Michael finished up his finals last week and has a few more College of Law exams before heading to Germany for Christmas. Fiona is back at work and is soon to become the wedding planner extraordinaire – details will follow in an instalment from her soon I should think. Anne is legal eagling at a great rate and out on the waters of the harbour rowing on a regular basis too. Geoff is in busy pracitce mode as the holidays approach.

No other great news of any consequence to report other than I look forward to hearing news soon.