Anyone else out there?

Dear Frances,

I thought that we could use this as our own personal communication link given the frequency with which we make additions to the site.

Michael will be quite jealous when he reads that you were in NYC at the time as he too has been following the games. I have been a little more cynical – reading the results in the paper. All is well here and I am glad that the weekend is near. The usual panic washing and all that before the departure nest week. I will be gone for 10 days or so. Would dearly like to visit NYC again but not on this trip it seems. There will be plenty of fun things to do all the same.

Fiona returns from her two year stint abroad on Sunday morning. There is much excitement. She and her fiance Tristan have been on a bit of a whirlwind tour of Europe and they have also spend the last few weeks in the US. So it is off to the airport on Sunday morning and then to the Rocks for pacakes. I am then off to a picnic adventure walk with a few friends from the city across the harbour bridge, to Manly where there is really good ice cream. The weather is due to be good so no brollys!

Two conferences next week (one full day and one half day) so will be busy and looking forward to the quasi rest that they bring. Nothing really wild or exciting to report but I will put photographs on the site of the recent festivities in Dublin as I was given my parchment to allow me to go on the roll of solicitors. I have some from here too.

Have a wonderful weekend,