A rough 2 weeks

Hi all,

It is Thursday evening & I am passing some time before going out to dinner. It has been a hectic & tiring couple of weeks. We had a company night out on Friday 15th and I’ve pretty much been on the go since. The Red Sox turned their Yankees series into a marathon and since I am now a Red Sox fan I was obliged to stay up and watch the games. They were nailbiters!! The last game was Wednesday night last week and we flew out to NY for the Hen party on Thursday. So many people were taking about it so I figured it best to put my hat back in the bag and leave it there.

New York was so much fun. It was go go go from the minute we got there. We finally sat down in a starbucks & chilled out on Sunday evening about 5pm. I bought loads of clothes which was such a treat….. it was amazing to be able to try something on and have it fit properly.

We had fancy dinners out two nights in really nice restaurants Cafe Luxembourg & Maloney and Porcelli. Defy worth a visit if your ever in NY. We also went to a club called Avalon that was really good. Somewhere in the meatpacking district I believe. Between the eating, shopping and the “live entertainment” that we went to…the whole weekend was a blast. I am saving for the next trip already:-) We got back Monday night and straight into work Tuesday and the past two nights have been spent glued to the TV to watch the Red Sox make history. It took them 80 + years to win the title. Hilarious really since they are one of the best teams out there each year. We had a right ole session last night and I’m still feeling the worse for wear..

No others news here with me.