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Thank you

Hi all,

Thanks for the texts and emails of congratulations. James seems to have passed the Ronan test with flying colours and thankfully the Ronans passed J’s test too. I was a little concerned that meeting almost the entire Ronan clan may be too overwhelming but he seems to be in one piece after it.

Details of the wedding date and venue will be forwarded in due course. We are not going to post the details publicly on the website as its a day we want to keep private. We’ll possibly set up a separate site (with big bros’ help) and give it a password and keep the specific updates on there. Anyway there is lots to do and as I am hungry, cooking dinner is top priority right now!

Thanks again especially to Sheila who laid on a lovely supper for us of canapes and champagne.

The Family

The Family

This was us, celebrating the wedding of Tanja and Micheal in Göppingen, last weekend. It was a fantastic weekend enjoyed by all, unfortunately we neglected to run a book on the ‘next’ engagement. With news today that Frances is now engaged, congrats to all!

Wedding June 2007 – Dublin Nov 2006

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all received a pre-invitation for out wedding in June next year. I know that it is a bit far in advance for you guys but for the Aussies a bit of heads up is needed to start saving pennies/organising holidays etc. We thought it better to send it all at once.

Tanja and I will be in Ireland in November, from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th, to try and catch up with a lot of people and to catch the International Rules game at Croke Park. Would people be up for organising a night out on the Saturday night (I have an open offer from Johanna for a little party we could use as pre-drinks), and then perhaps going to the game on Sunday? Lunch on Sunday could also be an option.

On the Friday I think we will probably high-tail it to Tipp and return on the Saturday.

Things are great in London with the weather not that unlike Sydney in the summer. I hope you are all well over there. Speak soon. Mike