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Hey everyone,

Is anyone arranging something for this christmas? I’m taking a step back from the organisational duties of the cousins christmas party due to my efforts last christmas!

I know Frances is in Bermuda and John & Dee are going to be down under!

But what about the rest of ye?

The Bermuda Two

I am happy to report that Bermuda did indeed survive Nate. It was actually a bit of an anticlimax. We were all set for a direct hit but Nate though better of paying us a visit and we just got the rain instead. Good thing too. My apartment is small and I didn’t fancy bringing the folks back to a humid & damp place with no power or water.

They did arrive in one piece on Saturday evening and they experienced a very slow drive back to the apartment (35Kph is the speed limit to which the taxis strictly adhere). We went out for dinner to the main tourist hot spot and were the recipients of some rare but exceptional service. I reckon the waitress’s thought they were famous.Anyhow we left quite early as the trip had worn them out a little.

Sunday morning was interesting. Daddy got up and saw it was raining, then it was decided we’d go watch the match so after less than 24 hours they’d slept, seen the rain & watched a hurling game. Quite a start to a carribean holiday!

Sunday evening was good fun. I had 4 friends over and we had a mini BBQ. Many bottles of beer were consumed along with enough Gin to take two bottles of tonic.

Monday then I had to go to work so the folks went into town to get an idea of the lie of the land. Armed with their $45 a week bus tickets…they went walking…They got a good view of the city and met two lots of locals who were very friendly. They can tell those stories themselves.

Monday evening I had a softball playoff game (which we won) and afterwards the team and a few extras came over to mine to “meet the parents’ This is a standard event when someone has parents over. It all went well. No one left insulted or hungry. As it was a school night though it was all wrapped up about 11.30pm.

Today They went off to visit the hotel resort Elbow Beach. It is quite muggy today so after a couple of hours they’d had enough and headed home for lunch. Two of us from work headed out to assist with the eating of leftovers & the dessert I forgot to put out on the table last night. Right now I’m stuffed and not able to work while they are sitting by the pool looking out over the ocean for the afternoon.

Hopefully if it doesn’t rain we’ll head to Dockyard this evening. I’ll update tomorrow or Thursday!

Slan for now.


Hi everyone,

I have left the teaching profession to talk to farmers!! I’m working on the Farm and Plant Buyers Guide since yesterday. Got fed up with the teaching and decided on a change of career!

What a big change, I get to make 30/40 phone calls a day!

Anyway, Maurice is recovering nicely. As he cant go back to work yet, he took a 2 week break off to spain, he returns on saturday.. nicely rested and with a great tan I should hope! and please God he will be back in work in a few weeks.

Apparently its Hurricane season for Bermuda at the moment, frances has battened down the hatches for the possibility of hurricane nate hitting! I think it missed..