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March – April

March brought with it visitors to the office, Des & Alice and some friends of ours Zane and Niamh. Needless to say, we did the friday brunch, they did the afternoon tea, the ski slopes, the water park, the desert safari… can you spot a theme here?? We waved good bye to Zane and Niamh on easter thursday morning as they were flying to Paris. However, we met them again the next morning as both myself and Paul went to Paris to support the GLENS.. ( who were playing for a european title.. they played and they won:) Go on the Glens..

We came back after a traumatic experience of flight cancellations, dingy hotel and really bad food and finally made it back to Dubai a day later than expected.

We then had the Dubai World Cup to get organised for (of which I actually bought my outfit the day before, I wasn’t panicking at all!!!). The day before I was due to meet some friends for an afternoon tea in the Royal Mirage, our version of a baby shower except the baby wanted to say hi a whole month early and we ended up going to the hospital to visit the newest queen in Dubai:)

That brings us up to April, which I’m pleased to say has gotten back to normal somewhat.. we do have visitors arriving on the 26th and we leave for a trip home for a certain BIG PARTY..on april 30th, so whats normal really??? You need a bit of madness to keep you sane.

Hope your all keeping well, don’t forget to look at flights to come out and visit:)

Lots of Love,

The first grandchild!!

Hi guys

In case you haven’t already heard through the grape vine, I have some fantastic news to share with everyone.

I’m pregnant

I am due Oct 3rd *(edit from 13th), which makes me 13 weeks pregnant.
There are ultrasound pics on Facebook, so friend me if you haven’t done so already.

parents and family are over the moon with the news.



So for anyone who hasn’t heard yet Pamela and Paul got engaged recently and the date is set. I’ll let Pamela announce that in her next posting. I’d like to see the engagement party pictures if anyone has them!!

Julia Anne joining the gang

Can’t say that I will have anything very interesting to to say that might delight my relatives.  anyway, I am off to Wicklow at the weekend to flog some paintings on the railings in Wicklow town.  Shall let you know if I have any luck.