The latest update!

The latest update!

As you can see from the lack of posts on the website, its been a busy couple of months! November started with visitors and ended with more visitors!

To keep it brief, Pauls sister and some friends came to stay at the beginning of November, we ate out, drank out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I did play in the Dubai Celts Railway Cup day on Friday 9th November. My first ever real gaelic games tournament!! While I was representing Munster, as Connaught were short players I joined them and was so proud to be on a team that had their first victory (against Leinster) in 4 years?

Leo arrived a few days after Pauls sister left and we had some more fun in the sun! A desert safari and some shooting in Jebel Ali were definite highlights of the trip. Leo the sharpshooter showed us up bigtime. I wasn’t bad at the auld clay-pigeon shooting, but I managed to knock a staple off the top right hand corner of the pistol shooting thingy. I wasn’t very good at it?

After a few days rest, a bit of rugby and a broken nose later, Maurice arrived for the Dubai Rugby 7’s. For anyone that didn’t know, I was involved in the 7’s this year and had my nose broken the weekend before in my first ever rugby game!! Here’s a brief synopsis of the weekend.

The Dubai Celts – Dubai Exiles Ground- Dubai Rugby 7’s
Having decided to join the Gaelic Football Club over here I got roped into playing on the Ladies Social Rugby Team for the Dubai Rugby 7’s this year. We began our training (about 4 weeks before hand) at a local park and had our first “full contact” rugby match the week before the 7’s. This is when I had my nose broken!

We soldiered on to the rugby 7’s, held on November 29,30 & December 1st. We were one of 8 teams (all of which participate in UAE rugby leagues during the year) taking part, and we were placed in Group B, along with Doha RFC, Dubai Hurricanes and Abu Dhabi. We lost our first game against Doha FC 12-10, a dodgy conversion, (I did score a try in this game though!). We marched on to beat our biggest rivals Dubai Hurricanes 15-7 in the second game and lost 17-15 (another simple conversion) in the third game against Abu Dhabi.

These results placed us third in our group and into the semi finals of the Ladies Social Plate against Kuwait Agility Nomads. We took these girls on with some mighty strength at 9.20am on Saturday morning and narrowly kept them away from our line to win 10-5!

Having caused some major upsets in this tournament we had a good support system built up for the final as teams we had knocked out came to support us. We had also befriended a men’s team who were so impressed with our skills that they played waterboys for us! In the final we were matched against our other biggest rivals, the Dubai Exiles (on their home turf!). After a shaky start we started plugged away and claimed the Ladies Social Plate title with a convincing win of 31-10! Not only did I manage to score a try, but I also managed a conversion, one of 3 conversions our team scored in that game!

Next up is the Gulf Gaelic Games on Friday 25th & Saturday 26th January which will run in conjunction with the Irish Society “Irish Week”. Watch this space or check out for more on the antics of the Irish in the Middle East! My pictures are uploaded on

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