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Ive had a few interviews and I’m still waiting to hear back, but its looking more positive now! These things just take time but I am enjoying the time I have in the sun at the moment. I got a shock last week when I realised my time sitting on my bum is running out and I’ll be a working woman!

St. Patricks day went great over here. Bob Geldof was playing in the Irish Village on March 16th so we went to his concert. It was a great night and he was really good too! The place was packed cause the Irish Village is the obvious place for people to go for some fun on St. Patricks Weekend! Met some right good characters alright! March 17th was no different. We had lunch in te Irish Village and then went to another pub Fibbers to watch the rugby.. and thats all that will be said on that sad subject.. will we ever do it???

We had a quiet enough week this week to recover from Paddys weekend. My visa is running out soon enough so we did a run to the border between the UAE and Oman. We got there and it all went pear shaped mainly because we couldnt be bothered waiting in a line of people, so we turned around, had lunch in Hatta and came back home. I’ll get a cheap flight somewhere during the week and get it sorted. I’ll probably fly to Bahrain for the day!

We have the Dubai World Cup this weekend, the richest horse racing event in the world! Am really looking forward to it. I have no idea what to expect which is making it more exciting. I do know that the weather is really picking up here so its going to be a really warm day saturday.

Hope everyone had a good St. Patricks weekend!Â

Take care,