Karl Spain & Jeff Innocent

 me-paul.JPGKarl Spain, Cyril & Jeff Innocent

(pic 1: me & paul)( pic 2: Karl Spain, Cyril and Jeff Innocent)Â

Hiya All,

For starters, I’m still sitting on my bum cause I’ve got no job yet! Its a a terrible situation i’ve found myself in, especially as the weather is so nice and all! I’ll just have to do some more sunbathing to keep myself out of trouble!

On a really good note, I got my exam results during the week and I was most definately pleasantly surprised with my results, so its all over now and I have come out the other end of the 2 year nightmare with a degree! Paul took me out for dinner & surprised me with champagne. The waiter was disgusted when we told him we were celebrating exam results & not anything romantic!

We went to see Karl Spain & another comedian last night. We went for the dinner before hand and our seats were reserved so we got the 4 seats in the front row! We were a bit anxious sitting in the front row and both Paul & Cyril got a bit of a slagging but it was great fun! Can’t wait to go back again.

We have Bob Geldof here next friday night. He’s playing in the Irish Village and its a free gig so looking forward to starting out Paddys weekend with that!

Hope your all keeping well & Dont forget mothers day next sunday 18th March:)