Dubai part 2

Hi all,

I think I forgot to tell you what we got up to on tuesday night. We went to the Emirates Towers and started the night by having a drink in the “Vu” Bar, which is up on the 51st floor. The lift took a whole 10 seconds to get there.. a bit scary, my ears were popping like you wouldnt believe!

The view from up there is amazing, what I had thought were tall buildings looking up at them were tiny things looking at them from 51 floors up! We then ate some of the juiciest steaks in Scarletts bar. One thing to note is Tuesday nights is Ladies night in Dubai, so free drinks (for me) were flowing!

After dinner we went to Jimmy Rixs bar where (more) free drinks were drank, and there was a great rugby match on the tv there so we watched that for the night. The entertainment led alot to be desired. A new band over from Canada were playing and, while they were able to sing, their choices of songs were pretty poor.

Thursday was a quiet day, Paul went into work and I lazed around up by the pool for the day. Relaxation was the key word for the day, and this eas very much enjoyable. A nice trip to the Mall of the Emirates was to follow that evening. This shopping centre is like nothing ive ever seen before. Its fair to say that you could not get to see everything within one day. The place is just too big! What we did see was the Ski Slope in the middle of the centre. Its mad to see people throwing snowballs, skiing and tobaganing in a shopping centre! Thats on the cards for my next trip.

We went to the cinema that night to see “The Da Vinci Code”. We went to the normal cinema. If we had gone “Gold Class” we would have had lazy boy chairs to lie back in while taking in the movie! Thats another item for my list of things to do next time im out there.