Champagne and All you can eat!

We went to see the apartment on friday morning. Its a fantastic place, with a (current) view of the Emirates Towers. Unfortunately, there is an open space outside the windows where building started friday morning.

After seeing the apartment we went back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for the Friday Lunch I’d heard about. I had been warned not to eat anything that morning, so I was armed with a mere yoghurt and banana before heading off.

We went to a Hotel near the airport for lunch and when I entered I was offered a glass of Champagne. This was all I drank for the lunch. It had already started off very well:-) I had every kind of fish available to start, followed by a chicken korma (all of which were part of the buffet). Then we ordered steak and chips from the main mene. As if that wasnt enough they brought out their chocolate souffles just out of the oven.. I just had to have another one! (and a slice of chocolate cake!). I was glad of the loose trousers and shirt at this atage.

We then went to watch the first world cup game between Germany and Costa Rica.. in arabic! After a few more drinks and a bit of karaoke we headed home, full to the brim of food and drink.

Saturday we just chilled out up by the pool, went off and watched the england game and packed up to head to the airport for 10pm.

The flight home was fairly eventless, I slept most of the way home and it was great to see Leo in the airport to bring me home. I went to bed for a few hours and got up around lunch time.

That spells the end of this trip to Dubai. There will be many more:-)