I honestly think I’ve got a bullseye drawn somewhere on my car. I’ve been involved in 2 crashes in 2 weeks! How unlucky is that?

The first one happened in kilkenny on friday the 12th of November, little bit of damage done to car, but thats a story I’m saving for the festive feast on dec 22nd!
And last night, friday the 26th, another accident. will hopefully get a picture of my car up on the website to give you an idea of how my poor car has suffered! The bumper of my car is in our hallway in the house in dublin!

Been playing hockey alot these days, I’m playing for Glenanne Hockey Club in Tallaght (www.glenannesc.ie). We are into the second round of the Irish Junior Cup, we beat Kilkenny 5-1 in the first round. Got matches every weekend, am kept pretty busy!

As for the christmas feast, I’ll look into getting a copy of the menu this weekend (i’m getting a lift home for some TLC from mammy and daddy), and I’ll put it on the website.

Dinner is at 8.30pm in the Clonmel Arms, but everyone is expected in Chez Ronan at 8pm for a pre dinner toast:-)