Sydney Calling


The rain has stopped – we had a whole week of it last week. Part of the new governments election policy. Rain between the hours of 09.30 and 17.30 Monday thru Friday. As with most election promises this too has been a bit of a failure with a torrential downpour on Sunday (just as I was putting into the 10th and final hole). Luckily I had been wooed by the latest in golfing gimmickry and umbrella technology. I was more than happy to have forked out as the walk was (amazingly) a LOT further than it was on a normal sunny day.

Thankfully we are back to the warm days and it seems that summer is on its way. The Jacaranda trees are out and that is the call to arms for all students. If you have not started to study now you have a BIG job ahead of you. Michael and Helen seem to have things under control and apart from the impending exams have their respective European trips under consideration. Myself, well I am off on the 5th to Paris (fun), Amsterdam (teaching) and Brussels (seminar) then to London (more fun) before coming back to Australia on the 15th (work) – so it is not all holidays.

Looking forward to the holidays in December and the gig that is now scheduled for Clonmel on the 22nd. I do not remember the details of the restaurant but it is a new place that PAR has done the reconnoitre for.