Caroline the invincible

The latest extract from the one and only:

Hello all,

Well you´ll all be glad to hear that I´m not writing to you from a hospital bed, we´ve managed to survive the Ïnca Trail , well just about anyway.

Arrived back in Cusco late last night after 4 fairly gruelling days. We were incredibly unlucky with the weather (the worst weather in the dry season in Cusco for 18 years, from that I´m sure you can gather that we had more than our fair share of rain including an absolute downpour on the last day). We were lucky though that the second and toughest day was dry. Although the treking was tough ( having heard so many nightmare stories it actually wasnt as tough as we thought it would be) I think its the combination of freezing cold almost sleepless nights and poor diet on top of the treking itself which make it so tough.

On the first day for whatever reason they would´nt admit our guide onto the trail and we had to proceed unguided, all was going well until myself, Eleanor and two others who were walking with us walked straight past our unmarked campsite. They had to send some of the porters out in search of us and thankfully they found us about 40 minutes up the road in the pitch dark searching fairly frantically for our group!!!… I suppose it all adds to the sense of adventure. Had a fantastic group which really made the trip, although for the most part of the second and half of the third day it takes all your energy just to keep climbing that even I was´nt chit chatting for the most part. More than half the group were sick at some stage of the trip and it took a few members of the group over 11 hours to complete what most of the group managed in 4…..its definitely not for the faint hearted. Definitely glad I did it though, it was an absolutely brilliant four days..even the rain couldnt detract from the craic…

Looking forward to some well deserved chilling out over the next few days. Its crazy to think I´ll be making my way home on Friday, setting down in Dublin late on Saturday night. Looking forward to catching up with everyone and enjoying a few home comforts chez Treanor.